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when you rub left over coke in your mouth and get a numbing sensation
take what you didnt snort and rub it in your mouth for a nice nummie
by spudder November 25, 2004
a regular tobacco cigarette (Newports are the best to use) where the end is dipped into cocaine. Smoking the nummie will cause your entire mouth, throat, and nasal cavities to go numb. The sensation cannot be fully described.
I could use a nummie after that line.
#nummy #nummies #numbs #numme #nummiez
by Kilmysobriety February 14, 2006
OMG DELICIOUS! :) Something so good that its hard to describe besides using the word nummie.. which rolls off the tongue almost as smoothly as whatever you just ate.
Person 1: "This cookie is sooo nummie, mmm."
Person 2: "You got that right"
#nummie #yummy #gross #yum #delicious
by lanabunny March 01, 2010
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