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a nullet is a black man's mullet.
his cornrows make him look like he has a nullet.
by faulkyoutoo March 07, 2005
A negros dreds hanging out from underneath the back of a fashionable "lid". The Nullet has become fashionable in football where the braided jeri curl flows clearly out and covers the brown skin. This can be attributed to the the negro associating himself with the days of the 'red neck's' mullet flowing out from under a truckers mesh hat.

When a negro uses the Nullet and wraps it up in a Nullet condom that is attributed to a red neck's Mullet Rat Tail.
Man that niggah has a mullet!, What cho talkin bout bro, dose be dreds. So what do we call dem dred's mullet. I guess that cookie got a 'NULLET'!

Leeroy - "Hey Dewayne, check out my new mullet"
DeWayne - "Haw haw, that looks like Tyrone's Nullet"
Leeroy - "Dang, that cake eaters Nullet looks cool"
by Jesse no Jerome September 14, 2013
A balding man with long hair. Such as, Danny DeVito. Jack Nicholson, Albert Finney in the movie Scrooge.
Albert Finney had a fantastic Nullet in the 1970 movie "Scrooge".
by Lentiskull December 01, 2007
A Mullet for the nose.
Nullet: Thick long nostril hair sticking out at least half an inch.
by Nose tra damn us January 11, 2012
I don't know, but it has something to do with ejecting bullets.
Ejecting bullets with nullets taking niggas out the game
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
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