3 definitions by faulkyoutoo

a nullet is a black man's mullet.
his cornrows make him look like he has a nullet.
by faulkyoutoo March 07, 2005
an extreme insult basically telling the person that their existence is completely meaningless and should have ended before it started in the form of home abortion with the assistance of a rusty coat hanger.
Man, your mom should have rusty coat hangered your ass!
by faulkyoutoo March 07, 2005
The direct firing of an equally vicious insult within seconds after a zing. Thus cancelling the Zing creating a Gniz.
Clint: Dude, you lost your license!!! (Zing)

Ian: Well,that just means you have to drive me to the store to buy beer for you!!! (Gniz)
by faulkyoutoo March 07, 2005

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