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Japanese exclamation used to express a mixture of success and sexual frustration at having to conduct diet coke and mentos experiments on YouTube for attention.
Japanese girl: "Nuki, nuki, nuki, nuki... nuki nuki!"
by cootercanoodler September 03, 2010
99 30
1. a baby's pacifier
2. sex?
3. something that you suck on... (lolipops anyone?)
nuki nuki nuki, how i love my nuki, its mine all until the end...

(from the nuki song...)
by m4tr1x35 July 16, 2009
61 42
Nuki is slang for a baby's pacifier. Nuk is a Gerber brand pacifier. A common misconception is that this word refers to sex, even though the pronunciation is the same the word that refers to sex is spelled differently nooky.
My mother says I need to break the baby from his pacifier, but he cries when he doesn't get his nuki.
by Static Brain August 23, 2010
32 20
The most beautiful person in the entire world, and any guy would be lucky to have, and that they are perfect in every way, they are your everything.💙
Nuki G is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
by Zayn Nezam August 25, 2013
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