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1. a baby's pacifier
2. sex?
3. something that you suck on... (lolipops anyone?)
nuki nuki nuki, how i love my nuki, its mine all until the end...

(from the nuki song...)
by m4tr1x35 July 16, 2009
a gummy bear on crack who thinks hes so cool singing cheesy dance songs half naked with orange tidy whities... srsly
oh im a gummy bear yes im a gummy bear oh im a yummy tummy funny lucky gummibar.
by m4tr1x35 July 16, 2009
gummibar, but in hungarian, who still thinks he so cool singing remakes of dance song in a somewhat high pitched voice in other languages...
itt van a gumimaci... nuff said
by m4tr1x35 July 16, 2009
similar to =p but with spit coming out.
similar to pwned
guy:headshot =p;
by m4tr1x35 February 24, 2009
a:a chewy candy in shape of a bear
b:a green bear with underwear that sings! isn't that great!
ex:I think these gummy bears are from the local uh, candy store

ex:"*pop* oh im a gummy bear, yes im a gummy bear.."
by m4tr1x35 February 25, 2009

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