To nuke someone is to get revenge on them by finding something so awful and embarrassing and disgusting about them and sharing it with gossipy girls and watching the damage ensue!
Markie was a little bitch and stole a girl from me just becaues I bought her candy, so I sent out a nuke on that retarded bastard and it worked. he won't get to rape any drunk freshmen anymore
by Name-42 September 10, 2006
a penis so large and powerful that it can easily be mistaken for a nuclear warhead
Shawn has the biggest nuke I've ever seen
by Elp swizzle September 22, 2014
The internet's solution for any atrocities or social issues in any foreign country.
"Canada hunts baby seals."
"China has a cannibal tribe"
Response: NUKE CHINA
"Faroe Islands dolphin slaughter"
"Class conflict in Iran"
Response: NUKE IRAN
by sega31098 June 06, 2012
To securely delete all data from a hard drive, usually by overwriting the entire disc with random numbers.

A nuker is a bootable disc that will securely erase data, file structures and partition tables from all hard drives it detects. The most used nuker is Darik's Boot and Nuke (commonly called DBAN).

Always be ready to nuke your hard drive in an emergency.
Quick it's the copyright gestapo! I've got 40 pirated ISOs on my pc! NUKE NUKE NUKE!
by George McBob May 04, 2009
seriously attractive and well endowed female breasts, that you can't but help be shell-shocked into gawping at them.
Look at the nukes on that!!!!!
by whytespirit July 01, 2008
Implied to represent something good which you or someone else has done or something you are proud of. The word derives from the game "Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2" as the best achievement one could achieve, is to get a nuke.
oh my NUKE
by joel inmypants June 11, 2011
not just a regular blunt. not the average size blunt. but a nuke. drop bombs on your face when you roll a nuke.
Yo lets buy two dubs, fuck two blunts, were rollin one nuke.
by chillll June 17, 2008
1. a nuclear weapon

2. to destroy someone or something

3. to microwave something
A nuke is most dangerous when an unstable country has it.
by Light Joker October 22, 2006

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