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Nuha is a female, Arabic name. She's a beautiful girl with a unique personality, she's often quiet and shy but when she's around those she's confident with, she can be loud as hell! She's amazingly funny, sometimes abit rude. But she's everything a guy could get in a girl.Shes clever but can sound extremely dumb at times. Nuha is a type of girl who's a model.She has the most deepest secrets and is waiting to share it with her one and only. She's a type of girl that goes for personality but doesn't realise, she gets every boy, but doesn't take them easily. She'll get far in life, with a unique talent no relative or anyone would expect.
Boy 1: Jheez check her out!
Boy 2: Damnn, I know her, she's called Nuha. Holla at her dude
Boy 2: Oh yeah, nahh man she don't take boys that easily
by QueenYsgX December 17, 2015
chill AF; easygoing
That guy/girl is so nuha.
by fuckthemundane January 09, 2015
Female Arabic name meaning intelligent. A person named Nuha usually has an inner desire for order and creativity. She is usually very quiet and shy, and rarely funny. A person named Nuha will usually grow up to achieve great things. She will probably be successful in life. In many things, she is smart but in some areas she's dumb as hell. People named Nuha probably won't ever get married though, because their personalities don't tend to be amazing and the aren't the most attractive people in the world.
Person 1: Hey do you know Nuha?
Person 2: Who? That ugly girl over there?
by queenofthotness April 14, 2015
upset; pissed off
Johnny was all nuha when he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him.
by ReggieDaKat October 09, 2010
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