A thing or person that comes across as adorably fat or chubby. Babies with fat faces or chubby puppies with lots of wrinkles are choice examples of nuggets.

Adj: Nuggety
1) Did you see that baby rolling around on the floor? It was so fat it couldn't stand! What a nugget!

2) My new dog is so nuggety, I'm gonna go show it off on a walk- ladies love nuggety puppies.
by emrant October 31, 2010
Mainly pertaining to a mans genitals, and or, tasty bits of chicken, and or, other assorted meats made into the form of "nuggets".
Girl - Grab my ass again and I'm gonna give you a swift kick in the nuggets asshole.

Fast food worker - Would you like some fries with those nuggets?
by Slayer_8907 October 14, 2010
A small stocky-like person who tends to say unecessary shit at times.
Jason Louey is a chocy as nugget.
by hiners August 04, 2010
beef steak NUGGETS
the greatest food to ever grace the earth with its presence
breakfast of champions and official sponsor of the st joseph's west st paul youth program

most versatile adjective/noun ever.

when in doubt, NUG IT OUT
when you don't know what to say, just say nuggets.
**insert pelvic thrust and thigh slap** NUGGETS!!!
by nugget0705 July 29, 2010
Ryan Sheckler's term for a very attractive female.
Ryan:Hey,Casey nuggets are coming.

Casey:Oh yeah they are.
by kirty49 May 04, 2010
something cute or small. or something annoying that you don't like.
little asian babies are nuggets. or my mom won't let me go out, she is being such a nugget!
by Holly Kriz October 10, 2009
While someone is not looking, you take their backpack, unzip it, take all their stuff out, flip the backpack inside out and put it all back in. It looks like a chicken nugget
While Kevin went to the bathroom, the rest of the class nuggeted him
by shmegeglan May 30, 2009
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