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to take a bag/object, and turn it inside out. Placing all the belongings back in the bag once inside out. The idea is to make it so the bag/object is unable to carry out its task. The bag for example is not able to be carried because the straps are not able to be used because the bag is inside out.
Shit man! I got nuggeted!

Why are you late to class? I got nuggeted and I couldn't carry my bag.
by brianhig esgay April 27, 2009
A little round body, having short arms and legs resembling that of a nugget.

This usually occurs because the person is over weight and their body shape is in fact nugget-like, usually occurs from eating to much nuggets.

Perry is the coolest guy I know, his little nugget body makes me smile.

by Cucky Nugget April 18, 2009
Something that is ridiculously cute and small.
Aw look at the puppy, it's such a nugget.

Did you see that little nugget? (pointing at tiny little baby in stroller).
by bri_rae March 28, 2009
(n.)A common phrase said when you make a mistake, realized a mistake, and or realized something completely shitty has happened to you.

-Usually used by replacing "Oh Shit!" or "Fuck!"

-Also, can be used plurally by saying "Oh nuggets!"

Overall nugget is a useful word for places like church to replace words such as shit, fuck, crap, etc.
Billy- "Nugget! I just failed my math test!"
Sally- "That sucks, I did great!"

Banana- "Stop eating me!"
Human- "I'm sorry banana, I'm hungry.."
Banana- "Oh nuggets!"
by awesomeapples January 12, 2009
-noun: a low-class woman who has no self-respect, & is considered easy, slutty, dirty, ugly, etc. Synonym for chicken head.
Men nowadays like to go for a chicken nugget, rather than for some exquisite caviar.

That sophomore acts like she's a virgin, but she's a nugget on the low.

Homegirl is so ugly, she ain't got no choice but to be a nugget.

Dominican girl: Diantre loka, pero esa chamaquita es una maldita cuero!
Puerto Rican girl: Que si que nena, hasta le dicen nugget a esa bellaca!
by paopao89 November 27, 2010
a small and cute statured person or child. As referred to as a nug.
Vern Troyer is such a nugget.
by myangelo September 19, 2010
A £1 coin.
"Who's going on the quiz machine?"
"Yeah I may as well, I've got a nugget"
by Stevie Crow May 16, 2010