anything or anyone small and nug-like
Erin, you're such a nugget.
by TMNTParkPlace October 06, 2010
Code word for: A really hot gymnast or cheerleader. most of the time a slut, but one of those kinds of girls where its like, "dude she's a slut!" "dude, who cares!"
Oh my god look at those Nuggets over there. sooooooo hot.
by The Majician August 10, 2010
a squishy object that wobbles around and smiles really bbig(:
Related word: Mikayla
oh look at that nugget :D
it's such a mikayla ;)
by IloveNickShapiro April 26, 2010
the Australian term for a very small turd, poo, feces, shit, dump.
(watch Carl Barron for more info)
penis-"whatcha got there?"
penis-"where'd ya get that?"
vagina-"in the bushes"
penis-"what were you doin in the bushes?"
vagina-"a nugget."
by mungbean111 September 05, 2008
Excellent quality pot. Really good grass. crystaly and bud shaped. Seedless, great smelling, and overall bangin weed!!
My boy smoked some nugget with me that got me high as an astronaut!!
by howard Stein October 03, 2005
A dismissive word for someone you find idiotic.
Don't be a nugget!
by Siju Odeyemi December 31, 2003
1. The prominent shape of a females vagina lips when in leggings or spandex.
2. A person that portrays features of a midget, yet is also over weight. "Fat and short"
i. Mike: Bro did you see Sara in those pants today?

Jeff: Yeah man, she was sitting with her legs up in class and I totally got a gnarly shot of her "nugget".

ii. Sandra: Oh my gosh is that a midget crossing the street?

Carsen: Nah man, that's just a little "nugget".
by Damainbitchez November 07, 2011

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