Slang term for the human head.
Cody - "Jordan's dad has the biggest nugget in town!"
by TangClock February 25, 2009
A shit, feces, waste product from the bowels, crap.
"That lunch was delicious, thanks George."
"No problem Ben. Would you excuse me? I need to drop a major nugget."

by DeanoMac July 10, 2008
A pearl of wisdom, useful received information.
"Thanks for the nugget on Imclone", said Martha, not knowing that the phone was tapped.
by harry flashman July 21, 2003
Small round peice of shit
"look at that!!! i crapped out a nugget"!!!
by Hayze March 26, 2003
a person who is ridiculous, satirical, and often made fun of.
The letter Mr. Collins wrote to the Bennets clearly exemplified him as an upmost nugget because of his excessive vocabulary and inappropriate comments.
by Not Elizabeth Bennet October 24, 2013
Something all though quite delicious, bloggers have a strange obsession with.
Blogger: "I could really use some nuggets."
by Awesome73508 May 22, 2013

1. A word you use in place of "niggers" when there are black people in your immediate vicinity in order to avoid getting mugged, jumped, raped, shot, shanked, and/or murdered.
Guy A - Dude, nuggets on your left.

Guy B - Where? All I see are a couple of niggers..

by rbrkee.eighteen9ne September 23, 2011
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