anything that's cute and small, similar to a nugget
look at that baby! what a nugget!

that puppy is too cute! I would cuddle that little nugget
by manneh February 20, 2014
A nugget is one who is peculiar and puzzling. A nugget may do things no one else understands. A nugget is a synonym for weirdo, loser, or freak.
Girl 1: Today this girl in my chemistry class tripped over her backpack and knocked over the display.

Girl 2: haha she's such a nugget.


Jonah: I'm going to egg Mr. Ratners car today

Mclovin: nahh dude... don't be a nugget. You'd get caught.
by Phill the original October 12, 2011
Phonematic nugh-it (nʌgɪt). Noun.

1. a solid lump of something precious, usually gold.
2. anything of great value, significance.
3. a lump of native gold, term used for "as good as gold".
4. a powerful, heavy animal.
5. strong, thickset man, known to be "indestructible and unstoppable".
6. Welding (in a spot-weld) metal fused.
7. a bite-size piece of chicken, fish, etc., usually batter-fried.

Related words:
Nuggety adv: description of precious solid, compact unit.

Nuggie n: a light blow or jab, usually to a twisting motion, with the extended knuckle of the curled-up second or third finger: done as a gesture of affection or painfully as a prank.

Nugify v: to render trifling or futile.
A nugget of a man demonstrated his agility and speed when he stole the football from the other team and scored a try.
by Mandooshka April 16, 2010
Testicles of a man or animal.
Ouch that that lady punched him right in the nuggets!

Or, Get your nuggets off my forehead!
by BroMyark February 17, 2014
This is a prank were you would empty out somebody's backpack, flip it inside out, and place all the stuff back inside the inside-out backpack. Usually can be seen done at Evanston Township High School.
Guy1: Dude can you get me a drink
Guy2: Yea sure I'll be right back (guy2 leaves)
Guy1: Guys nugget his backpack
Guy3: Yea hand it to me under the table and tell me when he is coming

Guy2: (3 minutes later) He's coming
Guy3: Here put it back
Guy1: Dude WHAT THE HELL why the fuck would you nugget me!
by boomboommalibu April 04, 2011
The art of flipping someone's backpack inside out without them noticing. Nuggeting somebody requires ample stealth because if your victim catches you before their bag is completely nuggeted you must restore their bag to its original un-flipped form. In order to successfully nugget a bag you must empty all contents, turn the bag inside out, put everything back in, and re-zip the bag leaving it, put simply, looking like a nugget. When your victim finally realizes the hilarious fate of his humble nap-sack THAT is the reward in itself.
I'm going to the bathroom DO NOT nugget my bag!
by TyCoLicious January 04, 2011
Usually referred to as a fat person who takes the shape of a nugget
guy 1: Whoa, look at that nugget
guy 2: Oh my gawd hes huge!
by Donte Johnson January 25, 2012

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