Top Definition
A person who's really annoying !
just shut up for god's sake, you're such a nudnik
by Blackenedrose June 05, 2005
A person who is a pain and is very annoying
Hey man you are such a fucking nudnik
by Stevei Pee April 13, 2006
Somebody who nags a lot, often getting in your way when you are trying to do something.
Mother: "Do the dishes and take out the trash, already! Stop watching football, Tom! And no texting your girlfriend after 10 pm!"
Tom: "Oh come on already, nudnik!"
Mom: "Mom! Call me Mom!"
Tom: "Why? You're a nudnik. That's a fact."
by Nudnikdude January 15, 2015
A realy lame, stupid and perverted idiot.
OranZ is a real fucking nudnik.
by de Gabba April 04, 2004
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