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2 definitions by Blackenedrose

An amazing singer and songwriter. You can get lost in his voice and u can cry when u hear the lyrics. He is the lead singer of a wonderful band called Alice in chains. He has suffered from drug addiction most of his life and many of the songs he wrote were about his Struggling . He died from an O.D and was found on the couch 2 weeks later, when his body began to decompose. It's really sad that such talent has gone to waste but he will always be remembered by his fans and will always live through his music that will be there forever.
"Goin' down the steps on a white line
Straight to nowhere"
"Black is all I feel, so this is how it feels to be free"
by Blackenedrose May 24, 2005
497 39
A person who's really annoying !
just shut up for god's sake, you're such a nudnik
by Blackenedrose June 05, 2005
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