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The level of inebriation when someone feels the need to remove clothing.

Also used for someone who is susceptible to taking off his or her clothing while drinking.
Look out! She's getting nudicrous!

I don't know if I should drink with your parents around - I tend to get a little nudicrous.
by Reyn July 21, 2005
The essential state of mind required to achieve a nudie party, this is when someone gets so drunk he just has to do the nude. Nudies by definition are alway nudicrous.
Jason: "Damn, we were drunk last night. I can't remember anything after the keg stands."
Justin: "Yeah,first Chad had to do the nude, next thing everybody was fuckin nudicrous!"
by Nudie Dude August 25, 2006
(adj.) Descriptive of people who should never be seen without their clothes.
Jill's dad was nudicrous at the pool party.
by PhoenixLights November 13, 2015
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