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The level of inebriation when someone feels the need to remove clothing.

Also used for someone who is susceptible to taking off his or her clothing while drinking.
Look out! She's getting nudicrous!

I don't know if I should drink with your parents around - I tend to get a little nudicrous.
by Reyn July 21, 2005
(eBay terminology) Someone who watches an auction but doesn't bid until the last minute.
As long as there isn't a snake in the grass, that voodoo doll is mine!
by Reyn October 20, 2005
A Wannabe hippy. Someone who wants to be a hippy but just can't do it.

This is a term often used by people who admire the earth and scoff at those people who have acquired all the 60's trademarks yet don't get the point.

In other words, this is commonly used by Wannabippies to describe a different style of Wannabippy.
An Excuse to Get Frequently Stoned - Daily Hygienic Rituals + (Grateful Dead Paraphernalia - Appreciation of Grateful Dead Music) + (Love of Earth – Conservation) = Wannabippy


Stoner + Hypocritical Ecophile = Wannabippy
by Reyn August 22, 2005
a towel - something you rub all over your naked body.
Don't touch me with your nudy rag!
by Reyn July 21, 2005
A camping device used by women enabling them to urinate like men.
Brenda can write her name in the snow with her brand new Vagenis!
by Reyn July 21, 2005

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