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The ultimate form of being noob,newb,nub, etc. This is lower than being nub. You are half of a nub. If you get called this you are not even worth being called a noob.

Word came from nub which came from noob which came from newb which came from newbie. This word originated in IRC and got spread around via popular multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike
Wow, stfu you stupid nublet
by GohanX November 30, 2004
The pre-maturation status of a nub or the offspring of two nubs.
Cry me a river, nublet. *knife*
by ilandino April 19, 2003
When two idiots or, "n00bs", mate, they create what is known as a "nublet."
When n00bs fuck and make a nublet, jesus kills a bunny.
by Priyanka Talanki January 18, 2007
The word nublet is used in many occcasssions. Especially in gaming such as CS. It is a huge degradation of someone and is someone who either sucks at a game or just doesnt know what they are doing. From the word Newb or N00B.
Nich is a nublet and i pwnt him at life.
by PunkMaster December 25, 2004
a nublet is someone/something that has not yet reached nub status
OMG. YOU'RE SUCH A NUBLET. not even a nub yet. no. you are just a little nublet!
by icecreamsandwich August 10, 2010
Word trace:
nublet>nub>noob>newbie>new player

Most commonly used in MMORPGs
New player: can i have free stuff pl0x?
Expierienced player: no nublet
by Danielpop47 November 25, 2008
and adjective describing a very young or small noob. A very inexperianced player.
Dudey is a McNublet.
by madcat356 October 18, 2006

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