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1. Half small pig half small noob
2. A term used by greg to describe someone he just owned
STFU you stupid nublet I just owned your face!
by Hunter April 29, 2003
A nublet is someone who was so unfortunate to get pwned by a nub {who got pwned by a nooblet (who got pwned by a noob)}
Mind you he/she was spamming the chat room (hmm, looks like toilet mouth, insults, and ad links :) ) instead of paying attention to the nub he was fighting.
nublet: ROFLMAO <censored> nub <censored>!!!!
nublet: <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored>!!!!
nublet: url://freepr0n.com/viral_porn.exe
NUBLET has DIED!!! 1 exp earned!
nub: haha u got pwned! but im still a nub ;(
by FyarBall January 25, 2008
A mjor nub but way worse
That kid is a major nublet
by kiplet January 09, 2007
A person who is new that acts like they are not new at something. Also see: Newbie, Nub, Novice, Amature, Rookie.
Tyler is a nublet!
by Aayenn June 04, 2004
Being a nublet is in training to be a Nub which is in training to be a Noob.

Long way to go if you're called a nublet. XD
Kazraga:Your such a nublet dont you know shamans own all?
Bushybeard: Wahh!?
by Kazraga January 25, 2006
One who is easily toyed with; a gimp; a n00b
"Sean is a nublet." Thats is saying Sean is a person who is easily toyed with.
by Him March 07, 2005
variation of nub
by folken February 05, 2003