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To fuck with a nub. For instance, if you have no arms, but you have nubs, you can insert your nub into someone else's region, and thereby nubfuck them.
Micaela: "Oh God, your nubs are so tender!"
Nubby: "Yeah, I'm pretty good at nubfucking."
#nubs #amputees #fucking #micaela #hotties
by IndieSnob November 24, 2006
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Yet another nub variation. This one meaning more than Uber-n00b. This is someone who would totaly suck at life and all things like it. (anyone who knows about G.G. Alen will understand this)
go away you nubfuck!! you totaly suck at wanting to be 1337 you horse raming little shit!
by RootsRadical December 13, 2004
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