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The "Old English" Word For Noob. Usually meaning someone is unintelligent or lacks common sense. Mainly used in online gaming. Call of Duty has many of these.
Player 1: Wow I'm doing pretty good this match

Nube: Y0u 5UCK!!!! Y0uR G3ttiiNG LuCKy!!!! 0NCE I G3T A G3RN4DE L4UNCH3R your going downtown!

Player 1:...
by GarryLumpkins August 18, 2011
Someone so pittiful and idiotic the they have not even the megar skills to be titled a noob, they are now a nube, derived from the word nub, dervied from stub. Yes they are nothing more than what remains of a dismembered penis.
"Wow, nube, go get pwned..."
by izziemnko September 11, 2005
the incorrect spelling of noob or newb. Only noobs spell this work as 'nube'
i'm a nube because i looked this up on urban dictionary.
by the nube January 20, 2012
The hair protruding from the nipples. A contraction of the words nipple and pubes.
I was zipping up my sweatshirt and one of my nübes got caught. Man that hurt!
by Nübe braider May 01, 2011
A weird ass dude who tweeks now and then; he loves gettin the mail and buyin cell phone accessories. Also known as boobs, nubs, booby tuesday, nubuckle, lil boobauer, RBN, bauer, nuboid nutreno, poker face, noobles, nooby
Nubes is a kid with serious nerves and intensity.
by Nathan February 15, 2004
(n.)-hairs located on the back and around the ears of ones neck. Look like pubic hairs on neck, hense nube (neck-pube)
ew, that chick has a alot of nubes
by knight19 May 11, 2008
The meaning may fluctuate depending on the user. Usually it is meant as a mild insult.

Nube is the verbal equivalent of a weak pimp slap.
OMG! Alec and Stewart are major nubes!
by Alexander Jaymin November 05, 2010