The hair on a black man's head which resembles those of his pubes.
Al Sharpton's head has a bunch of, nasty, strangly, nubes. He should probably attempt to groom his nubes.

*Note that nube is commonly mistaken as a pube, yet, while there is a striking resemblence, a nube is located on a black man's head (and no, that is not his dick).
by Mike Hunt VIII. December 03, 2008
The spelling of noob (derived from newbie) which is appropriate when using insults that contain the word "lube" in order to produce a powerful rhyming effect.
Break out the lube, i'm bout to rape me a nube.
by Big J May 29, 2004
A dark-skinned woman with large nipples.
I saw her bae breasts and she is a real nube.
by John Crudite August 25, 2003
Insult- Refers to a "Nubian Princess"
Technically means a dark skinned woman with large nipples, but you can use it as an insult whenever you wish. A great word to add to your arsenal.
"Dude, look at that 'nigga' over there...shes gotta be a nube!"

"You are such a fucking nube!"
by Nubian Princess October 31, 2003
The end of someones elbow
"can i touch your nube?"
"You have two nubes."
by sandra April 30, 2004

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