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- a hubcap trying to be, or appear as an actual rim
The car looked like it had tightass rims, but they were really nubcaps.
by Magfire July 07, 2004
A nub is a really small foot and a nubcap is the very small shoe that goes on the very small foot
My Aunty needs to by kids shoes because she has nubs so she has nubcaps.
"Dayum she's got nubcaps"
by SneakinSnu March 23, 2012
A cap made to form over a nub of a person who cuts off their finger in a sawing accident. Person usally is in denial of how finger went missing (alien abduction)
Wow Angela is that a nub cap! I couldnt even tell you cut off your finger.
by Eli Otis April 15, 2007

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