When you cut someone's arm, leg, or other appendage and it heals over. Thus leaving the victim with a nub.
"Dude you just totally cut off my arm!"
"Oh shit, now your gonna have a nub!"
by JoeCamo October 17, 2005
nub is a form of noob or newbie often only used by more experienced or old school video game players.
what a freakin nub.

by Max Hessler September 16, 2005
abbrievated form of noob with a humourous tone. However, it is NOT like Newbie or Newb, these have the meaning
New to the game or Low Level in RPG games. Many wrongly think all that begins with N means the same thing, ffs !
Omg, that nub just fucked up the whole mission by aggroing 101 mobs!

nub picks up worthless item when he could have gotten a sword of megapwnage

1337: lol! nub!!!!!!!!!!1111111111
by Zoma August 06, 2005
Actually, on Catskills Ultima Online, "nub" meant "no." I think the noob definition came later in another game.
Nub tudj mi shineez!
by Xug'gug May 09, 2005
a half cut off finger
yo man I like da nub! Wut Happened?
I cut off my finger fixing my car and i was left with da nub.
by Mike February 09, 2004
Word which rates (towards) number ONE on my top six hundred list of retarded alternatively-spelled words.
'Newbie' Dumbed down for morons who can't handle more than one syllable.
by IkeM October 20, 2003
someone shit
someone who only wins through pure dumb luck
"what a nub"
i got nubbed
by detroit August 12, 2003

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