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To insert Nub (part left from amputated limb) into vagina or anus to cause sexual pleasure.
"It's looking foggy out, good night for nubbing."
by Loreen October 04, 2005
When someone is having trouble staying alert and or falling asleep from taking too much of any opiate drug. This definition originates in poor areas of Africa where opium poppies are plentiful.
Don: Man Joey did a lot of that tar tonight man you think he's straight.

Jose: Nah he's good man he's just nubbing a little, get him a little powder. Trust me it'll do the trick and we can get more babes in our affliction T's!
by Jono1111 September 20, 2011
When ones severed arm is inserted into a females vagina.
Jimmy loves nubbing eyren.
by Lyle Mcneil January 08, 2009
To touch another persons amputated limb, such as a finger.

To make jokes about people with amputated limbs.
When dating an amputee you may perform some nubbing while being intimate.

Joke: your mother has a peg leg.
by Alphabet Junkie January 22, 2014
The action of a man with a stub arm who sticks it in the woman's vagina.
we tried nubbing but it was too big.
by mr983834 January 23, 2010
The act of sticking the leftover body part after an amputation into a woman
I thought my war injury was a pain, but my wife totally gets off while im nubbing her!
by VaughnSmithIsGOOD April 27, 2008
When a cat, specifically of the large tabby variety, of the male persusion latches onto a stuffed animal and humps it.
My cat named Gheppeto has nightly affairs nubbing Snow Ball, a stuffed animal. Since this ritual has become nothing less than routine, Snow Ball, is no longer the color of snow.
by Gheppeto September 12, 2008

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