A lame ass spelling for a newb or newbie. Commonly used by people who don't understand how pronounciations work.
person a: Heh, you're such a nub.

person b: Don't you mean newb? Or n00b?

person a: Oh yeah, I'm retarded.
by Azrael September 04, 2003
Any round body part that sticks out in a place it shouldn't.
Guns? Ha! those are nubs
by Bob May 27, 2003
Someone who always messes up. See Newbie
Wolfgood/ Nicholas D Wolfgood
by Deci <3 U February 07, 2003
A complete and utter newb, with no comprehension at all of the matter at hand, often used in IRC/asl, and the ever present Counter-Stike
New counterstrike player: Haha, my full auto silenced colt killed you!1! Im so l33t.

Pro Player: GG l4m3r nub.
by Urban Dictionary October 29, 2002
Short for "needle up the butt." The act of attaching a drug and/or AIDS-infected syringe to one's penis, and then penetrating another anally with it.

"Heard he got the bug."
"How'd it happen?"
"Word is, he got nubbed...in the butt."
"Dude, that's redundant. Nub already imples 'in the butt.'"
"I know, but it's fun to say it that way."
"...Fair enough."

"You've just been nub'd...by Ashton Kutcher!"
by iluvnubbin October 07, 2007
Lil ghey people. Often used in online games, but can also be used in real life.
Benny: Oohh nos. I get pwnt in everything.
1337 Pro: Yeah, you're such a nub.
by PWNAGEE September 23, 2007
A small penis after erection. Especially used to describe the penis of fat men and body builders on steroids.
Jimmy is fat, therfore like most fat asses he is endowed with a nub, I'm sure. As for his brother, the body builder, still a nub!
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt January 17, 2007

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