6 definitions by Divine

A hetrosexual male who like to lick woman vaginas.
Theres no offensive names for hetrosexuals
by Divine January 05, 2005
A word composed of both newb and nub. It's purpose is to point out inferior players.
BonChez is a nub nub at Gunbound!
by Divine June 30, 2004
Complete loser, unable to do anything and is the worst at what he does.
Every clan we play has an serious sucker emcee.
by Divine January 22, 2004
A bunch of flowers than hang together at a local highschool. See morons.
Yeah Richie and his group of foohoons (plural) are trying to take us on at Starcraft. How sad.
by Divine June 30, 2004
very camp
its all gone a bit rock and doris¬
by divine June 11, 2003
he was also in the band shadow project
"ytic fo dog"
by divine February 17, 2004

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