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A classification used for a wide range of alternative rock acts, some of which have metal roots, some of which have rap elements, and some of which are really hard rock. This term was used by the media to define these acts back when they first started coming out after the alternative craze so they could be classified in the same genre, even though they don't really sound much alike. In reality, there is no such genre as nu metal, as every band that could be said to be in this genre really belongs to another. For example, Linkin Park is rap metal or rapcore (and really their latest stuff is just rock) while Disturbed is more Alternative Metal.

Metalheads will often complain about how much nu metal sucks but they really shouldn't because there is no such genre. Better stick to hating individual bands.
If you think Linkin Park and Disturbed are both nu metal, you're fucking insane.
by Deckmaster January 18, 2010
9 7
A genre of music used to classify all bands any person does not like.
Person 1: Slipknot, Metallica, and Black Sabbath suck...
Person 2: Yeah, I really hate nu-metal too.
by Seismos April 29, 2008
18 16
Nu-metal, or mallcore, is NOT, I repeat is NOT what metal is now, despite what the pop fans and MTV followers will tell you. Mallcore fans please stop trying to fit in, you're not metalheads.
Metal fans= average guys and girls, have lives, go to metal showa
Mallcore fans= teenie boppers whining about how life sucks
by wildcat2k August 27, 2005
20 18
a genre of music that people who like metal put all the metal they don't like into so that they make themselves sound cool.

see trance
Metalhead: Ew this music isn't very good. I think I shall classify it as nu metal so that my friends don't think I'm a loser because I like metal and this album is metal.
by chestah January 07, 2005
32 30
A new generation of metal that isn't as good as old metal. It's generic and the guitar is kinda cheesy with lots of detuned guitars and 7 strings usually, with a mix of clean n heavy vocals.
Examples of numetal bands: Korn and Slipknot
by slipperywalrus June 14, 2013
2 1
Children jumping up and down to 3 or 4 funny bar chords. And the children can't play lead...HA! Don't send a child to do a mans job. Bring back REAL METAL W/LEAD!
MYV & VH1's Dumbed Down Funny Children Hopping Videos..HA!
by Realguitarplayers December 07, 2003
33 32
A group of spikey haired, whiney losers who can't seem to reach past the first fret of their guitar.

They seem to be set out to destroy everything that TRUE METAL stands for.
Korn sucks. So does Slipknot.
by Poccolus November 30, 2003
87 86