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A 90 percent hand job, 10 percent blow job.
I was listening to "come thou font of every blessing" when this chick texted me and said she wanted a mouthful of cock. I was game but I only got a 90/10. bummer.
by 323E93 May 07, 2010
When a guy comes 90 degrees and a girl comes 10 degrees in order to proceed with ''getting it''.
"lemme get dat 90/10 gir!"
by Dirty D333 November 29, 2009
The perfect ratio of 90% preppy and 10% thug, like most west seattle boys. Any more either way, he's no good!
He's more of an 80/20 than a 90/10, can't take him home to mom and dad!
by TSAO May 11, 2008
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