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The most famous rap band in France. The singers Kool Shen and Joey Starr began in 1990 in the ghettos of North suburbs of Paris. The name comes from Nique Ta Mère literraly means Fuck Your Mother.
They are now separated
Supreme NTM dans la place, seine-saint-denis styyyyyyle
by weshmomo January 21, 2006
not to mention, as in adding to a statement
The car looked beautiful with a spoiler, bodykit, and wheels, ntm the roof scoop.
by billyjoebobdingusdonk March 17, 2008
Shortened version of "Not Too Much"
Andrew:"What you sayin'?"
Me:"Oh ntm, just did a gap on my moped..."
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
ghetto school made up of mostly potheads, whores, future rapists, drug dealers. About 25% getting kicked out by the first marking period. a few gingers a lot of blonds but mostly bruette whores that think they are as cool as snooki.
hey you go to ntms? yeah, how did you know.... well your high and you got a fake tan.
by ntmiddleschooler January 15, 2011
Nigerian Toe Model
NTM is an African man who's toes are put on display. For example he is sporting the newest open toed g-unit slide sandals without socks or perhaps flip flops (preferably REEF brand) at the beach.
by Mike atiba December 13, 2010
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