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Not Safe For Dave, the average coworker. It is important to remain neutral with all Daves in your life, forcing you to hide your weird shit from him.
Neil: Why is this forward marked NSFD?

Josh: It talks about furries man, Dave hates those furries.
by nerdtheman January 17, 2012
13 0
Not Safe For Dorm. Generally used to describe content that could be offensive to a dormmate, usually sexual or gruesome in nature.
Deon: <insert website here>
Matt: nsfd?
Deon: uh....yeah.
Matt: ....WTF!!!
by burkhartmj January 26, 2008
10 3
- N.ot S.afee F.or D.aytimee
Lets Do Somethinq Thats NSFD.
by Sassy Hoee July 23, 2011
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