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accronym for New Smyrna Beach, Florida. New Smyrna Beach is a historical town that lays on the Eastern Coast of Florida. Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean. Famous for its beaches, known worldwide. And its small town appeal.
Let's go to NSB, this weekend and work on our tan!
by kittentales228 May 02, 2007
Acronym for "NOM SANE BRUH" which is the short way of saying "Do you know what I am saying, brother?"

Alternatively, it can be the reciprocal "NAWR SANE BRUH" which is the short way of saying "I do know what you are saying, brother!"
A:Yo man she's so hot... but in a cute way, nsb?
B:Yeh. I nsb.

A:This track is tripping me out, but I ain't high, nsb?
by Tagalogmasterflexfromtheslums August 20, 2011
acronym for not so bad, used to express satisfaction or contentment with an outcome, thing. you can have an nsb attitude to life too. term used in the west of ireland
bil-did ya bring that weed?

bil-who else is coming?
by January 08, 2013
Name Sharing Buddy. A special bond between two or more people who share the same name and are friends. DIY Secret NSB dance optional.
Kathleen 1: HEY NSB!!!
Kathleen 2: Hey, coolest NSB EVER!
Kathleen 1 & 2: *does secret NSB dance*
by Kat H. August 06, 2005
A northern Georgian acronym for No Side Burns.
"That gold-mohawk sportin' kid, NSB, is an idiot," says Dude 1.

Myriad of dudes reply, "yeah."
by Kicking Wing March 05, 2011
NSB is shorten way to say NOOBS SCHOOL BUS its basically the place where all noobs are condemned to be until they get the school the drivers are those who obviously take noobs to school after they pwn them NSB passengers suck at life
man1 : ha ha no scope just put u right on the NSB
man2 : f u (thinkin: just got pwnd now im on the damn bus ihud)
by a guy on urban dictionary May 26, 2009
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