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the highly emotional state you find yourself in after consuming e pills (extacy). the person often becomes very loving towards others as a result of taking the "love" drug. the following day if some of these emotions seem really gay and not like you at all, you can simply pass them off as e-motions
bil- well, do you realise how yoked you were last night?

paddy- ya, i think i remember telling you all how much i loved ye and how much i miss my family

bil- that was hella-gay

paddy- what can i say, thats my e-motions for ya?

bil- you wanna do some more?

paddy- yarp
by bil.i.am November 13, 2012
acronym for not so bad, used to express satisfaction or contentment with an outcome, thing. you can have an nsb attitude to life too. term used in the west of ireland
bil-did ya bring that weed?

bil-who else is coming?
by bil.i.am January 08, 2013
all men or indian women who cant grow a real moustache for the month of movember and can only grow pathetic little muff hair instead
dara- think i might grow a tach for movember this year
bil- but youv never had 1 before, u only have some sick muff hair on your chin
dara- ya, i suppose, might give muffember a try tho?
bil- gumann
by bil.i.am November 21, 2012

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