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SMS message and Internet slang for 'No Reply Required'.
got the dvd, comin home now, steve nrr
by Hsilgne May 19, 2006
An interjection used to express disgruntlement. Also used to gain attention. (Can be spelled with any number of 'r's).
"Hey, Tim, did you do the math homework last night?


"Nrr, I can't get that guy's attention."
"I can get it."
*guy turns around*
", that really worked."
"Yeah, it's pretty awesome."
by 하얀 February 21, 2011
An expression used to freak out unwary passerby.
*Person walking toward you*

You; "NRR!!!!"

Person; "Whoa WTF?!?!?!?!"
by jtlrepmwa February 21, 2011
The REAL sound cows make.
Cows don't go moo, they go NRR!
by RabidSquirrel March 24, 2003
A noise commonly made by monsters of all kinds.
1. "NRR!" said the monster
2. "And it Nrr-ed at me, I swear it did!"
by Rivers April 13, 2005
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