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it means "new page master/mastah" or short "npm".
This meme has started on a slovenian forum called mn3njalnik.
is used in a post that starts new page on a forum.
that post usually only contains word npm and brings tears of joy on the faces of attention hungry trolls
by požigalc December 28, 2008
1. The number of times the words "nigga" or "nigger are used per minute.

2. Sub-genre of rap pioneered by L'il Jon
L'il Jon's new album has an average of 200 NPMs
by Mute Invert April 26, 2005
Non Popular Minger.
Non popular mingers often gather in groups and idolise a certain alpha male for periods of time. This alpha male can then use the women as he sees fit. They usually fall between the catergory of "nerd" and "popular girl".
Will: Shanni and Steph invited me out earlier.
James: Those NPMs! Why do you talk to them?
Will: It's all pussy.
James: Ahaha! NO.
by The Sedge October 24, 2006
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