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Software that controls the system-wide acquisition, installation, upgrading, and removal of programs and utilities. Popular package managers include apt-get (for Debian-based distros), rpm (for the Red Hat/Fedora clan), pacman (Arch Linux), portage (Gentoo), and various special-purpose programs like pip and npm.

Well known as the only right way to install and manage your software, though good luck ever getting a consensus on which package format is the best.
User 1: I fucking hate these Flash updates.
User 2: Huh, that's funny. I've never had any problems with it, my package manager always handles it without complaining. Which OS are you on again?
User 1: Windows, I think?
User 2: Oh. Haha, yep, you're boned.
by Rainfly_X May 07, 2013
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