Plural noun: Assorted pharmaceutical, over the counter, or homemade (illegal) pills taken for recreation; referred to as "Now and Laters" because of their resemblance to candy and often used in bulk as if they were candy.
I'm on them now 'n' laters
I'm on them now 'n' laters
Look, I pop 2 now and then I pop 2 later.
-Beelow feat. Lil Josh - Now 'n' Laters

When she gets high,
her favorite food is dick and now and laters
-Three 6 Mafia - Sippin' on some Syzurrp
#nowlaters #nownlaters #now 'n' laters #now and laters #poppin #popping pills
by MC Onigiri November 07, 2007
Top Definition
when a guy has hot, wet sex with his girlfriend, then, without washing his penis, goes home to his wife and makes her give him a blowjob.
Dude, my wife and I are on the "outs", so I met up with Jenny, and did her real good, then straight home to my wife for a now and later
#blowjob #suck #fuck #sex #wife
by Jason373 April 12, 2009
Hard and Fruity, the actual slogan for the Now and Later candy.
Man that guy is just like a Now and Later, hard and fruity.

Get your hand out of my pants, you Now and Later.

#hard #fruity #gay #steve #homosexual
by TheCubanCannon March 09, 2008
Brightly colored and sparkling, used often to describe automobile paint jobs and/or custom jewelry grills. Origin is from the brightly colored candy. I believe there is a drug reference as well, but am unsure of nature.
"Nowandlater paint, dro by the pound" -Paul Wall

"Runnin' round the village with a bag full of nowandlaters" -Left (Frontline)
#candy #cherry #shine #bling #floss
by Tyson Fulmer March 14, 2006
The act of farting while sitting on a fluffy couch. Enjoy the smell now, and again later when someone else sits down and fluffs the odor out of the cushion.
Girl sits down on the couch next to her boyfriend and immediately smells ass. She asks him if he just farted or if she sat in a Now and Later.
#fart #couch #smell #later #ass
by Wife of Flatulitis February 07, 2011
Originated in Baton Rouge and other Dirty South areas. Used to describe (1) rolling on ecstasy now (present) and later (future~couple hours later). (2) a female that gives "it" up whenever you beckon her.
"I'm jiggin off dem nowandlaters, I pop 1 now and den I'll pop 2 later"

"I'mma hit da club and find me a nowandlater to bang her back out"
#jiggin #geeked out #rollin #trippin #noworlater
by Zancsta November 08, 2006
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