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when a guy has hot, wet sex with his girlfriend, then, without washing his penis, goes home to his wife and makes her give him a blowjob.
Dude, my wife and I are on the "outs", so I met up with Jenny, and did her real good, then straight home to my wife for a now and later
by Jason373 April 12, 2009
the ebonics term for rotisserie chicken, usually spoken at a fast food restaraunt
(At a drive thru)Drive thru: Can Inhelp you?Customer: Can I have a 1/2 chicken with corn bread?
Drive thru: yo, you want fried chicken or rotary chicken?
by Jason373 May 18, 2009
when a girl is sucking on a guys balls, then puts an ice cube in her mouth, causing him pleasure and cold sensation at the same time. Ususally enjoyed on hot days.
Jenny was teabagging me, but the weather was hot and she put some ice cubes in her mouth. If it wasn't for that that iced tea bag, I never would have come
by jason373 May 15, 2009
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