A butt-ugly, under-powered Vauxhall hatchback (originally designed for housewives to get the weekly shopping in). Now 'modded' and driven by spotty oiks in baseball caps. Can usually be found in the car park of Halfords or McDonalds. A car that a chav of ned aspires to.
Yeah man that Nova is pure bling...ya' know what I mean?
by Munki October 15, 2003
A poster on www.interestingnonetheless.com whos soul purpose is to annoy.
Nova really sucks
by Grimace June 21, 2003
NOVA - Need Oral Vaginal Anal: term gangstas, hood daddies & goons use to holla at a chick when they want the goodies. Or a way for them to let each other know on the slide that they are looking for a hookup, so if they know somebody they can pass the digits.
Yo Shaniqua, can I get that NOVA?!

Yo Dawg, I'm on NOVA status.
by Dejhiavu April 25, 2009
A person who uses the upmost logic. Usually the one in a group of friends who gives the harsh lessons of life to those who need it. Commonly found giving hard knock tutorials on how to better oneself. In being a "Nova" very few take the advice to heart, or act on it. Usually sticks close to those with logical minds.Also found to turn some people gay when not being gay themselves.
"Damn it I need to find a Nova, I can't figure out what I want to do with my life."

"Don't you ever talk to a Nova, all they'll do is make you gay and rough up your life."
by Dr. Tyrie A.P.h.D June 13, 2007
Very cool messagaboard, used to describe something cool.
Thats sooo Nova!
by Eggbert May 19, 2003
a crappy piece of scrap metal dat the owner hasnt got round to scrapping yet, instead, they insist on trying to do it up in a sporty sort of way.
you nova boy!

in other words, you looser!
by anon May 21, 2003
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