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A public television show that I watched when I wanted to go to sleep. I think it was about space. But it could have been about pizza.
"Hey, did you catch Nova last night ?"

"Yup, slept like a baby."
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
short for "No Value Added"

A coworker or classmate whose help either doesn't progress the project or creates more work for others.
Jim wrote the section on video conferencing but it is so incoherent and full errors. The dude's a NoVA.
by davepilot April 08, 2011
An Australian radio network, broadcasting in the following states:
# Nova 96.9 Sydney (96.9 MHz) - started April 2001
# Nova 93.7 Perth (93.7 MHz) - started November 2002 (first new commercial station in 22 years)
# Nova 106.9 Brisbane (106.9 MHz) - started August 2004
# Nova 91.9 Adelaide (91.9 MHz) - started August 2004 (first new commercial station in 20 years)

They play shitty pop music, which is bad most of the time. They also claim to never play more than 2 ads in a row. They make up for this by playing more 2 ads. And more and more and more.

Nova can also be an adjective for "shitty pop music".
"That's so nova!"

"Never more than 2 ads in a row here on Nova"
by Taylor R July 08, 2005
The name of a alliance on Ragnarok online. It consists of 8 guilds.
"Dude! Nova is comming! ahhhh!"
by aman February 11, 2005
To threaten, To annoy.

Nova is an idiot who threatend to bomb an oracle convention when they refused his "press pass" made from cardboard and sticky-back-plastic.

Note for future reference: Dont threaten, Nova!.
Gentoo should scrap

emerge --pretend

and use

emerge --novamode
by R0bin May 05, 2004
NOVA where the n stands for nowledge (the K is silent), we are rich, drive nice cars, and do whatever the hell it is that we want.
Northern VA Community College, the cars in da parkin lot are worth more than your house!!
by FUXNUT February 17, 2004
A mediocre science show thats on every tuesday at 8. My dad watches it.
I'm watching Nova now.
by Zach G. October 28, 2003