One of the bestest radios one can get in Paris
101.5 baby time fer the novamix
by Asp April 14, 2004
Quite possibly the most wonderful person to ever hold this name. Also a raging bitch.
Nova told me where to park my car, I'm now in therapy because of it.
by Kaalin Firewalker February 03, 2010
A ripoff of Halo for the iPod Touch and iPhone that is surprisingly very good. Has a decent campaign and has fun multi-player. The sequel N.O.V.A. 2 is due to be released sometime in December 2010 in the App Store.
Guy 1: Hey, you want to play some N.O.V.A.?
Guy 2: Naa I keep getting owned in multi-player
by Espio1241 December 05, 2010
Northern Virginia, or a Northern Virginian
Northern Virginia:
A very nice place to live and visit,
with much history and a quik trip to the Nations Capital, Baltimore, and many other great places is a very desired location for everyone who wants to "see it all".

Northern Virginian:
An over whelming idiot who thinks he/she is the greatest thing to walk the Earth and we all owe them our thanks for being such an ass.
Born with golden spoons in their mouths they seem to not see that the world does not revolve around them.
With some of the Nations worst aggresive driving and public acts of Im a rich kid so do not bother me I will try and own you.

A true Northern Virginian is not hard to spot,
jeans or slacks with a sweater vest or polo tee shirt in all the correct sizes with a very nice brand new car claiming they are a gangster and from the hoods of NoVa.
by Itravelthecountry November 30, 2012
a rare occasion to have something so ridiculously hot; the 5th and final level of hotness
hot-> fire-> lava -> magma -> nova
Those shoes are so unbelievable that I am simply flabbergasted at the site of such a magnificant brilliance. It's as if God himself crafted those shoes instead of the forced labor of children in Indonesia and such other Asian countries even though those little buggers really know how to make some shoes. The only suitable word to describe those shoes is nova.
by PKFL1P July 10, 2008
Hopi name meaning chases butterfly. The Hopi Indian are natives are northwestern Arizona.
She's such a free spirit - like a Nova.
by DaddysGir1 February 09, 2010
Northern Virginia.
Basically the best place on earth, we have gangsters, preps, scenes, and kids who think their the shit.
We are not hicks like Sova. and our home town is Washington DC.

We also don't really like people from southern Virginia, we mostly like people from DC, and Maryland.
Person 1: Hey where you from?
Person 2: Nova.
Person 1: Oh shit? I'm from Sova.
Person 2: You guys try calling it Sova, it will never work. Nova is the shit.
by tkm66 June 03, 2009
A common box like vehicle produced by Vauxhall that is about as aerodynamic as a fridge. The 'nova' is driven by the elderly, and those who enjoy ripping out the trim of their poor quality car, and replacing it with more poor quality trim from the local Halfords. This vehicle, is very common among speed demons in the SR guise, and some extremly rare examples in the sport form can be purchased for 85quid. A nova will most likely have been towed more times than a boat, and the engine shall be as powerful as an hairdryer.
My nova does 0-60 in 14 minutes.
The engine is wrecked in my nova, although it has only done 300,000 miles.
Do you have any wheel trims for my nova?
by Panhead March 17, 2004
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