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The Word means a fat sweaty asain and is a form of the word Douch
If someone makes fun of you then say back "NOUCHE!!"
by Marcus Jensen October 27, 2006
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a scientific definition using the douche as its stem, but using an N to replace the D to give more of an effect on how you say it (nnnnnnnouche or nnnnnnnouches). It means a fat sweaty asain.
When someone makes fun of you or and/or calls you a name, respond back by saying "NNouche"
by Marcus Jensen October 27, 2006
One of the greatest insults of all time. It is a combination of the words noob and douche. Equation: noob + douche = nouche!

B- "That Andrew kid is such a nouche!"
S- "He's a noob and a douche!"
B- "That's why I called him a nouche!"
by Braedon13 May 15, 2008
Nouche is an offensive term referring towards someone who may or may not be new to any particular social function, but demonstrates a certain amount of noobidness, such as in gamming or basic social interaction,while at the same time demonstrating douche like qualities.
" I don't know what's up with Jim's attitude. He's only on level 2. What a nouche."
by Mr. Nouche January 29, 2007
The act of a person having sex with a toliet seat.
Dude, I totally nouched last night!
by Sammie(: June 06, 2010
when one is a noob about being a douche.
see noob and douche.
"don't be such a nouche"
"He liked Sailor Moon, so I thought silently to my self what a nouche."
by Kylie Gregory August 19, 2008
Nouche refers to somebody is a noob and a douche. It is a combination of the two words, and is considered to be a ghastly insult to one's character. Also can be refered to as a nouche-bag.
Sean-Dude, Andrew is a noob...And a douche!
Braedon- From now on, just say nouche...
Sean- Hahahahh
by Braedon13 May 16, 2008

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