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The area between your giggle berries and your cinnamon ring. Highly erogenous and comes in 2 flavors.....hairy and bald. See grundle
I love it when she licks my notcha!
by BigRafDad December 04, 2003
the bit between your balls and anus

notcha balls and notcha arse
by Ben Bashford August 05, 2002
It's notcha bunghole and it's not your balls. It's the space in between the two. See also taint.
Ever since I was with your mother, my notcha has been inflamed.
by johnnyfeelgood April 07, 2010
Often refered to as the gouche or choda
Why is it called a Notcha?

Cause its Notcha pee pee, and Notcha bum!
by Coleford November 03, 2006
Also known as taint, grudle, and several other names.
by Anonymous August 05, 2002