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If somebody you don't like is driving, and you don't want to sit "shotgun", now you can call "not-gun", and get the privilege to ride in the back seat, and avoid the awkwardness of shotgun with that hated someone. Not-gun comes in handy when carpooling, or having to go somewhere with a dean of your school...really helps to avoid awkward situations.
Who's driving? I think Sean is driving. Okay, then I call not-gun!
by Steven Obander February 21, 2009
This should be used in place of shotgun not. It used when you are with a group of people and you don't want to do something, with 'notgun' coming before the action. The last person to not call 'notgun' has to do this action.
Dave: Notgun ordering the pizza!
Fred: Notgun ordering the pizza!
Jane: Notgun ordering the pizza!
Paul: Shit, there's no-one else here, I guess I have to order the pizza...
by rorz758 July 14, 2006
The act of foisting a responsibly onto somebody else.

To be the last person in a group of people to cry "Not-Gun" will result in having to perform the task that needs doing.

by beau.sinko July 10, 2009
Exclaimation used when one specifically does not want the shotgun seat in a car, most often in a cab. The last person to call "notgun" has to sit upfront with the cabbie and will most likely get stiffed with the fare.
"Ha ha, Lance forgot to call notgun and is now stuck upfront with the cabbie. Let's stiff him."
by Marion Cobretti July 24, 2006

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