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A term used by morons to try to convince you of something.

Guy tried to sell me a DVD player in a parking lot once. He didnt have any of the wires or hook ups at all, and he wanted fifty bucks for it. I said no, and he was like "It's not even stolen, man!"

Ever since, I've had a belief that the term "not even" is worthless.
Im not EVEN going to kill you, bitch!
by Bitchin Kitchen December 05, 2004
you are disputing a statement
He said he was from Wanganui and I was like "not even!"
by duncan October 11, 2003
This is a term commonly used in oakville. A state of denial. The term is used to strongly deny something.
Oakville Kid: Yo i heard you were kickin it old school with corbins mom last night brooo !!!
Oakville Kid 2: Yo NOT EVEN !
by steveceeeeee September 05, 2005
term used mostly by drug dealers, meaning that they do not have any drugs left to sell because they have either:
a.)smoked it all; or
b.)sold them all
Eric: You good, man?
Cory: Not even.
by John Motherfucking Lennon November 15, 2006