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Any of several vegetarian hot dog substitutes, including: tofu, textured vegetable protein and others.
Dude 1, "Throw another not dog on the grill for me, will ya?"
Dude 2, "Well, at least it aint lips and assholes!"
by Relyt April 04, 2006
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A brand of vegetarian hot dog alternative. Tastes surprisingly like a real hot dog. Kind of hard to find in stores though, which is a bummer.
Those NotDogs were frickin awesome, especially since I had them grilled!!
by Bekah frm Boston August 31, 2007
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a hot dog bun without the weenie,just toppings that would normally go on a hot dog ususally created when the hot dog is removed and is nasty (overly burnt,lighter fluid taste, gray meat,etc)
had some hot dogs that were nasty the other day so i jus turned them into not dogs.
by masta dragon red April 12, 2010
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