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the ultimate sneeze usually accompanied by an overload of mucus
dude that felt great! sorry about your shirt.
by the patient May 22, 2004
the intense, satisfying feeling you get after you blow your nose and all the mucus in your nose comes out in one shot allowing you to breathe like you've never breathed before.
"Ooohhhh God! That was amazing! OHHHH that nosegasm was incredible. I can finally breathe again!"
by psyche925 April 07, 2010
A term used for an orgasm of the nose when a smell that you love is inhaled. This brings on feelings of excitement and happiness.
Axe is the #1 scent for causing a nosegasm.
by Fall3n Ang3l September 23, 2006
Verb: The act of forcing yourself to sneeze. Usually done by gently holding your thumb and pointer finger against each nostril while humming.
Dude, I had the best nosegasm ever last night!
by danjb September 02, 2010
A slang term for a sneeze.
Right as his sister walked in he nosegasmed all over his keyboard.
by Crab Battle January 17, 2008
The act of performing a snot rocket after snorting a white powder.
I had a nose-gasm at the club tonight.
by Bagosh September 29, 2010
The unavoidable reaction that occurs when someone smells something intense. It is continueous sniffing the source of a scent or it is the continueous sniffing of an odd scent until they can locate the source of it.
someone smells a scented candle, they like the scent so they have a nosegasm

someone passses gass and another person smells it then has a nosegasm to find the source of the scent.
by Veritas_Angel July 27, 2009
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