a Filipino street slang that means running out of English words to say , or is in a state of difficulty understanding particularly English language. may sometimes be applicable aside from English like math problems.
I'm going to flunk trigonometry,I went nosebleed during the final exam.

Stop it man, I'm already having a nosebleed. (a comment to someone speaking in rapid fire English.)
by benryanlee November 11, 2011
A very high stakes poker game where the stakes are so high players will nosebleed because of all the money swings if they are not prepared for it.
- Have you seen Durrrr yesterday in the nosebleeds
- Yeah he lost 2 millions.
- It's unreal man.
- Nosebleeds imo.
by kinghippo423 November 24, 2009
1.) Metaphorically used to describe incredible heights.

2.) Metaphorically used to describe incredible speeds.
1.) They went to the arena and got the nosebleed seats.

2.) This T1 line is nosebleed fast.
by Justin Chase July 07, 2004

1. putative and profuse nasal bleeding

2, having to do with something in a high location (from the notion that nosebleeds can be caused be high altitudes)
I had a major nosebleed after getting home.
by Light Joker July 31, 2007
when you are speaking in a different language rather than your native and you are running out of words

example is an American tourist in China talking to the native Chinese that do not speak English and the American has limited Chinese words.
The American talking to the Chinese guy is having a nose bleed while asking for directions to the Great Wall.
by kornchipgirl February 23, 2008
A code red mountain dew, with a shot of five hour energy drink in it.
Dude, im so tired... I'm gonna pound a couple nosebleeds.
by SDMAllnight October 13, 2010
A phrase used to emphasise one's disbelief at stupidly high prices.
"I bought my daughter the Yearbook; £25!!! I almost had a nose bleed!"


A: "Dad, could I borrow £25 for the school's Yearbook?
B: "Arg, nose bleed!"

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