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Nose rape is an assault on one's olafactory organ caused by another individual's use of way too much perfume/cologne. May also be accompanied by eye rape if the offending odor causes the eyes to water. Most prevalent with teenage boys and hookers.
Out teenage son commits nose rape with English Leather.
by wolfbait51 April 10, 2011
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The unexpected act of violating someones personal space by sticking your two fingers up that persons nostrils.
I just got Noseraped by that blonde girl!
by Todd Chen January 24, 2008
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Nose rape refers to the act of inserting one's finger(s) into an unsuspecting persons nostril.

The act of nose raping has transformed into a 21st century urban extreme sport. Similar to sport hunting, the point sport nose raping is to nose rape as many people as possible in creative ways. However, the people you nose rape must be complete strangers to you. Points are earned for successful nose rapes.

In the game of nose rape, it is common for different points to be awarded for a nose rape based on the difficulty of the nose rape. For example, a common nose rape point system is: 1 pt for single nostril nose rape, 2 pts for double penetration nose rape (DPNR), 3 pts for nose raping someone while they are in their car at a stop light, a cashier at a store who is ringing you up, or a bouncer at a bar. Any point system can be developed, so the above is just an example.
Nose rape, or the act of violation of someone's nostrils with one's fingers, is a serious matter. A recent survey of American college students indicates that 1 out of 5 college students will be nose raped before they graduate. Although the act of nose rape may only last a few seconds the emotional scars last a lifetime.
by turdfurgusson December 10, 2011
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The fun prank of sticking your fingers into the nostrils of an unsuspecting victim, watching their reaction and then running like crazy.
"I just now noseraped the cashier at the McDonalds drive-through. T'was so much fun"
"That's nothing. Harry noseraped a cop. He chased us halfway down the street."
by Hersh85 November 23, 2009
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When a woman who is on the receiving end of oral sex farts and then traps the poor soul between her legs using her thighs WWF-style.
Dude, Dave was downtown last night and I felt a fart coming out so I just totally nose-raped him.
by Stormy_Powers July 27, 2006
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the act of a small dog..usually a jack Russell/chihuahua...whom in their excitement violate your nasal cavities.
bloody hell noseraped me again little get
by taffi's Mam December 29, 2010
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Look! He's nose raping him!
by teh secks kitteh November 03, 2004
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