Origin of "noses," is most likely from the card game in which players attempt to grab spoons before their opponents and place them on their nose when a player has accumulated four of a kind. The last one to do so, drops out of the game and all others are still in.

In respects, noses is a silent form of, not it. It is used to exclude one party from a desired item or action. When a situation arises where not every person in the group can benefit from, one person calls noses and places the index finger on the tip of the nose. Every else follows suit and keeps their finger on their nose until the game is over. The last person, or the one who doesn’t, is the loser, and therefore does not get what is being sought after.

Noses works in ways, opposite to shoddy
A: Listen guys, I can fit only 3 people in my car, so that means one of you has to get left behind.
B: Alright... Noses! *places finger on nose*
C: *places finger on nose*
D: *places finger on nose*
E: ... shit.
A: See ya later, E.
by The Legendary Ironwood March 13, 2005
Top Definition
The long thing in the middle of your face. Some people have small ones, some people have big ones (the people with big ones are usually called Dave).
Oh my god Dave, that's a massive nose!
by Colin fallon March 28, 2004
One of god's mysteries. A person's nose is about as unique as their DNA. Some people have large noses. Some people have small noses. Some people have curved noses that make them look like they got punched in the face... hard. And the biggest questions... why do we have two nostrals?

Many people never wash their nose. When tihs happens, the creases on the side of the nose become red. The nose produces more oil than any other part of the face.

The nose has the potential to ruin a date. We breathe through our nose for two reasons. One is so that we can constantly be aware of any smell, and two so that we don't share our bad breath that comes out of our mouth. Snot is also drained through the nose. This is the worst part about the nose. If you have snot in your nose, you can make embarassing sounds just by breathing. If you sniff your nose, you let everyone in the whole room know that you have boogers. If you don't sniff your nose, snot will run out, and boogers will eventually be blown out.

The nose has the potential to be more embarassing than a fart. It is a very good idea to thoroughly blow your nose before a social setting. Since many people are not socially outgoing enough to blow their nose in front of others, they discreetly whipe their nose if they have snot or pick thier nose if their have boogers.
There is snot dripping out of your nose.
by Kenny Decius January 03, 2005
big thingy on your face used for...

1. smelling
2. drugs
3. other disturbing things
pulling nose hairs is quite painful
by wakalakalover45 March 22, 2005
1. To touch someone's nose
2. To affectionately squash an animal's nose (especially a cat), usually accompanied by shouts of "NOOOOOOOOOSE!".
"What a lovely kitty, I'm going to have to nose it" (cat runs off down street closely pursued by would-be-noser)
by El Noso Blanco September 09, 2006
The ugly long thing in the middle of your face. If it's too big you usually get made fun of a lot and called ugly or people say " look at that person with the big nose" in public or right to your face.

It really can make or break a face. If you have an ugly or big nose it usually determines whether you look good or not.
I always get made fun of for my big nose.
by sarak0 November 13, 2008
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