A commonly used tool amongst coke heads.
My nose is bleeding from all this cocaine!
by Robert Carey-Peterson October 05, 2005
1. the act of using one's nose to sexually gratify another person by penetration using the protrusion on the face that contains both the nostrils and the organs of smell, specifically insertion of this protrusion, which everyone nose is the nose, into the anus or vagina while petting and manually stimulating.


2. to use one's nose to provide sexual gratification to another person.
I didn't nose what to do, so I just nosed her.

Dude, I'm nosing right now.
by JohnnyNCarr March 17, 2010
The nose is the name for the awkward bulge on every pair of pants where the zipper is. Though it appears to be an erect dick it is actually just the fabric.
I just saw noah's girlfriend picking his nose.
Haha I Gotcha Nose!!(while grabbing a friends nose)
by zxmark February 02, 2010
perfumers, people who create fragrances
It's really weird to have a job because of which you are called as one of the "noses".
by button nose May 27, 2007
To know.
Guy: I am the best! I am the champion!
Girl: I nose.
by UrbanEdd August 28, 2008
A nose is the big thing in the middle of ur face. It is beleived that a guy with a big nose has a big penis.
OMG look how big Sam's nose is i so want to have sex with him
by sdhshnhbbvffgfg September 28, 2006
A term used to describe the aroma of wine.
Pretentious wine enthusiasts can't appreicate the exquisite nose of Mad Dog 20/20
by dogtooth January 31, 2006

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