If there is a group of people, and there is an unpleasant task to do, the last person to put their finger on their nose is the one who has to do it. Sometimes someone will say "nose" to instigate the onset of "nose," and again, the last person to put their finger on their nose, loses.

note: this has NOTHING to do with picking your nose. You put your finger on the OUTSIDE, not the INSIDE, of your nose. If you have trouble destinguishing between the two, there is probably a sesame street song that will help.
Person 1: The trash is overflowing!! Someone really should take it out.
Person 2: Nose!
(persons 1-8 put their finger on their nose, followed by person 9)
Person 3: hahaa, Person 9, you lose, you have to take out the trash, and boy does it stink!
(Person 9 tries to argue, then realizes that it's futile, and reluctantly takes the trash out.)
by bandcampgirl183 September 15, 2005
A name for someone who wasnt popular or invited to any parties at school. Usually ugly, annoying and known as a "loser" amongst the populars.
Hey look- it's nose again. You better not invite that scum to your party.
by lcu200 February 01, 2009
1. the act of using one's nose to sexually gratify another person by penetration using the protrusion on the face that contains both the nostrils and the organs of smell, specifically insertion of this protrusion, which everyone nose is the nose, into the anus or vagina while petting and manually stimulating.


2. to use one's nose to provide sexual gratification to another person.
I didn't nose what to do, so I just nosed her.

Dude, I'm nosing right now.
by JohnnyNCarr March 17, 2010
The nose is the name for the awkward bulge on every pair of pants where the zipper is. Though it appears to be an erect dick it is actually just the fabric.
I just saw noah's girlfriend picking his nose.
Haha I Gotcha Nose!!(while grabbing a friends nose)
by zxmark February 02, 2010
perfumers, people who create fragrances
It's really weird to have a job because of which you are called as one of the "noses".
by button nose May 27, 2007
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