that huge blemish on ones face
"oh my god you have a nose!"
by Cool_dude October 13, 2003
A term used to describe the aroma of wine.
Pretentious wine enthusiasts can't appreicate the exquisite nose of Mad Dog 20/20
by dogtooth January 31, 2006
An instrument used to smell female toes with.
She took off her flip flops and waved her toes under my nose, the aroma was heaven, she truly has smelly feet, i love them.
by gemma's foot slave March 04, 2005
1. that thing in the middle of your face

2. slang for a crush or boyfriend

3. you can tell the size of a man's male anatomy by the size and propotion's of his nose
Ewww blow your nose

He is my nose

OMG I love Nick he has the biggest nose i've ever seen
by Girlwithallthefacts October 08, 2006
a thing that can smell grose things or good!!
your poop smells bad!
by Poopy1 April 18, 2003
another word for a penis.
Don't stick your nose in there
by Alexo June 01, 2006
Another name for charlie, coke.
You wanna bit of nose?
by egg October 13, 2003
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